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Data deployment – getting smarter data

Big data, the IoT, Smart Cities… Smart Kettles? Will the phenomenal growth in data deployment and the creation a “smart planet” really make us smarter? Or even better?


Cognos Training

Looking to brush up on your Cognos skills? With some of the UK’s foremost experts on our team, you’re in good hands here.

Events, it’s all in the planning

We’ve got a raft of events lined up for the rest of the year. While they’re in the planning, now’s perhaps the time to ask you how we can make them even better…


Customer Stories

If before, you’ve only seen a tiny piece of the picture, then expect the unexpected.

  • If we didn't know the answer,
    we'd have missed the opportunity.

    George Nedley - CEO, Scottish Police Credit Union

    Hear George's Story
  • Good decision making needs to be available.

    Helen Macpherson - Project Leader, University of Glasgow

    Hear Helen's Story
  • You need smart analytics,
    you need fast analytics.

    Phil Taylor - Senior Solutions Architect, Intergen

    Hear Phil's Story
  • We'd been reliant on an Excel model.

    Anita Wright - Head of Strategic Planning, University of Liverpool

    Hear Anita's Story
  • Scottish Police Credit Union
  • University of Glasgow
  • Intergen
  • University of Liverpool