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Why come to Barrachd’s next User Group?

The next User Group will take place on 14 November, combining a perfect mix of inspiring stories, exclusive demos and advice. Here’s why you should be there…


Data Transformation

Bring together disparate sources of information to spot the patterns hidden in your data and make the connections you couldn’t see before.

Barrachd User Group

The Barrachd User Group is back – and it’s been revamped! We’ve been putting the finishing touches on our always-popular event, so all we need now is you! Find out where it’s at, who’ll be there and how to join us!


Customer Stories

If before, you’ve only seen a tiny piece of the picture, then expect the unexpected.

  • They understood quickly that it’s about time

    Maurice Boyle – DOO, LoganAir

    Hear Maurice's Story
  • The handling of data was a major issue

    Alexander Murray - DOO, MRWA

    Hear Alex's Story
  • Good decision making needs to be available.

    Helen Macpherson - Project Leader, University of Glasgow

    Hear Helen's Story
  • You need smart analytics,
    you need fast analytics.

    Phil Taylor - Senior Solutions Architect, Intergen

    Hear Phil's Story
  • We'd been reliant on an Excel model.

    Anita Wright - Head of Strategic Planning, University of Liverpool

    Hear Anita's Story
  • Loganair
  • MRWA
  • University of Glasgow
  • Intergen
  • University of Liverpool

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