IBM has awarded Barrachd Expert status in Advanced Analytics, reinforcing our partnership with the technology giant, and recognising the powerful planning, predictive and prescriptive solutions we’re now building for our customers.

Companies applying advanced analytics – like cognitive services, chat bots, predictive analytics and pattern-based planning – are driving sounder decisions and identifying trends before they even know which questions to ask.

An increasing number of businesses are exploring the promise of AI, predictive and advanced analytics. However, before these technologies can be introduced, businesses require a solid analytics foundation.

Barrachd is already helping customers along that journey, incorporating analytics into their strategic vision and using it to make better, insight-driven decisions. From this strong foundation, businesses can move on to make advanced analytics attainable for everyday decision makers.

As a Gold IBM Business Partner, Barrachd has also been awarded Expert status in Financial and Operational Performance Management.

Barrachd recognised by IBM as Expert in advanced analytics

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