Young’s Seafood Limited are the experts when it comes to fish; and when it comes to fishing for insights, they now have the technology to trawl the data they need to make better decisions, right at their finger-tips.

We are delighted to be working in partnership with Young’s to introduce a new analytics platform targeted specifically at the food and drinks industry.

The technology will improve Young’s data capabilities and take its analytics to the next-level of maturity. The commercial planning tool harnesses the power of IBM’s Cognos TM1 to provide a single, holistic planning view of all their customers and products, giving access to real-time planning data.

Young's Seafood Analytics with Barrachd FDAP

Young’s Seafood Limited is the UK’s leading supplier of frozen and chilled, own-label and branded fish and seafood. A major supplier to UK retailers, restaurants and food service businesses, it is home to Young’s, the UK’s leading frozen and chilled fish brand.

While the food and drinks industry generates huge amounts of data, much of this data is often complex and contained in silos. This means it’s under-exploited and hard for business users to access. This new analytics platform will help create a single source of truth to save time in planning and increase collaboration.

The Food & Drink Analytics Platform will also improve and automate the business’ reporting environment, delivering reports on sales, revenue, margin, operations and quality to the relevant people, at the right time.

“This is part of our longer term strategic plan to create an agile platform that supports our business goals, by providing a single view of the business and helping make sure we continue to make the right commercial and operational decisions in a fast moving market place and an ever growing digital world.” said Paul Nicholson, IT Director at Young’s Seafood.

“We’re excited to bring this Food & Drink Analytics Platform to the market,” added Barrachd’s commercial account manager Richard Abraham. “This platform will help companies in this hugely competitive arena better exploit their data to generate greater business insights, increase sales and maximise profits.”

Barrachd already works with a wide range of food and drinks firms, including AG Barr, Blue Skies, Edrington, Burton’s Biscuit Co and Finsbury Foods.