Expert, leader, winner… However you describe a Champion, you’d probably want them on your team, right? So we’re delighted that our Solutions Architect Nick Waters has, once again, been confirmed as an IBM Champion for Analytics.

IBM Champions Analytics 2018

IBM use their Champions program to showcase and recognise analytics talent. Nick has worked both internally at IBM and, for the past few years, here at Barrachd, helping customers explore and understand the IBM Business Analytics portfolio.

In an evolving business environment led by technological changes, having a ‘champion’ to navigate the products and technologies ensures that our customers find the solution that’s the perfect fit for them.

“I help Barrachd’s customers explore and understand the IBM Business Analytics portfolio,” says Nick. “Every customer and industry has different challenges, different types of data etc. I help them understand the products with their data to help them uncover hidden insights and solve problems, I also help showcase the bigger picture of what can be achieved using these solutions. Coming from a technology background I get a kick from helping the client architect the right solution to support their success.”

Congratulations to Nick for securing Champion status yet again.

What exactly is an Analytics Champion?