• Orchestrate – Enabling Successful Project Delivery

    With many years of delivering effective business solutions, we’ve learnt how to perfectly blend the right experience, skills, organisation and hard work to deliver a successful project. So we’ve formalised and distilled this process to ensure the success of all our projects; to deliver exceptional client service and exceed expectations… We call it Orchestrate.

  • MRWA Casestudy: Securing a Sustainable Future through Analytics

    MRWA is responsible for disposing and treating 400,000 tones of waste every year. It’s a complex job and without an accurate, consistent and easily accessible view of its data, error prone reporting and invoicing were causing delays and eating up valuable resource. Working closely with MRWA, Barrachd used IBM Cognos Express to create a solution that helped the Authority harness its data to eradicate costly errors, drive efficiencies and even run an otherwise impossible contract.

  • LoganAir Case study: Airline Analytics and a matter of Time

    Making sure that an airline flies on time across its whole network is a huge challenge, with a number of internal and external factors affecting this performance. LoganAir was facing operational challenges around its On Time Performance (OPT). Keeping airplanes running to schedule all day long is a complex task; but it’s even more difficult when the vital data needed to make important decisions can’t be accessed quickly enough.  Barrachd utilised the integrated planning and reporting power of Cognos Express to help the airline produce an interactive dashboarding and reporting environment, that allows its workforce to understand and act quickly on the information that is pertinent to them.

  • Calculating IRR in TM1 – Breaking the Excel dependancy

    Despite being one of the most fundamental investment calculations, Internal Rate of Return (IRR) is still often bound by a painfully slow process littered with potholes of inaccuracy, complications and even the occasional guess work. This metric appears in nearly all investment reporting yet, largely, it can only be efficiently generated through Microsoft Excel. Barrachd worked with a leading investment firm to break the dependency on Excel and create a model that allows them to eradicate error, truly automate the process and slice and dice over 30 million IRR calculations, before outputting the appropriate information for reporting… every single day.

  • University Challenge: Student number planning

    Data can be used to accurately and quickly predict changes in trends and behavior. Find out how University of Liverpool harnessed the power of analytics for its student number planning.

  • Multi Agency Data Sharing

    A government focus on early intervention has prompted local authorities to form multi-agency partnerships to provide a more efficient and focused service to help children, young people and families.
    Barrachd, working with a number of Local Authorities, has formulated a unique way of automating processes in real time, to allow these localised teams to pull together a range of services – including Education, Social Care, Health Services, Police and Housing – to ensure multi agency support can be centrally based and tightly integrated with the interests of the most vulnerable people in our communities at its core.

  • Mace Gains Insight into the Performance of International Projects

    To manage the financial aspects of major international construction projects effectively, Mace needs a tight grip on its finances – but local variations in reporting processes made it difficult to maintain visibility and control. Barrachd helped Mace roll out IBM Cognos Express to its international business units, replacing cumbersome spreadsheet-based processes with an automated, detailed and standardised reporting process.

  • Easy Access Analytics with Barrachd and IBM Global Financing

    Business analytics can provide game-changing insights for huge competitive gains. But when IT budgets are tight, how can companies afford to invest in transformational analytics solutions? Barrachd, a leading business analytics solution provider, leverages its strong relationship with IBM® Global Financing to bring advanced solutions within the financial reach of companies of all sizes.

  • Edinburgh Telford Case Study

    Edinburgh’s Telford College wanted to find a way to track learner attendance more effectively. Not only would this help with administrative processes such as the allocation of bursaries; it would also form the basis of a new predictive analytics solution that aims to boost retention rates by identifying learners who are at risk of dropping out.

  • AG Barr Case Study – putting fizz into sales

    Find out how AG BARR use analytics to spend less time ‘crunching numbers’ and more time enabling great decision-making, supporting its mobile sales force and gaining comprehensive business intelligence. An intelligent IBM solution from Barrachd.