How do you do more with less?

It’s a question that’s increasingly asked of organisations as budgets are cut but demand continues to grow. With tougher targets to meet, an increase in complexity and heightened expectations, businesses need to make the very best use of their available resources.

By helping you move beyond diagnosing the symptoms of the problem, to focus on the reasons behind them, Data Transformation helps you use your resources more efficiently and encourage effective decision-making.

How does it help?

To drive success, data from across the organisation needs to be brought together, out of silos and to the fingertips of decision-makers. Not only does this ensure that the data you need is always available, it brings to life the patterns that only become clear when information is fused to:

  • Forecast and prevent problems and spikes in demand

  • Spot reasons for poor performance

  • Build agile, accurate and automated reporting or planning solutions

  • Make your data more accessible and more trusted

As organisations look to meet every new challenge head-on, a strong data strategy and information management are now vital to success. But where are you on the transformational data journey? And can you unlock your information advantage?

See the how and the why

The only way to deal with the increasing complexity and demands placed on staff is to better understand both the demand and the available resource. Efficiencies are often missed because connections haven’t been made. Data Transformation allows you to better understanding the ‘how’ and the ‘why’, so you can maximise resources and meet demand more efficiently.

In a fused data landscape, you can test theories and correlations to see what changes. But if you can’t see the link, you don’t know what to change. A lack of information and the inability to make the necessary connections is often the biggest drain on resource.

By fusing together data from across a multitude of operational systems and datamarts, as well as data from key partners and external or unstructured sources, we can help you transform your information management.

Meet your future information challenges head-on

Could you simplify, standardise and make the movement of data across your organisation more efficient?

In today’s complex and challenging environment, transforming your data isn’t only vital to unlocking a competitive advantage, it’s the key to successful strategy, planning and operations.

By developing durable and flexible data models, not only will we help you transform your data, we’ll ensure you’re ready to meet your future information challenges too.

Discover a full view of your organisation, as well as those it serves, to spot problems, maximise yourresources, and meet demand more efficiently.


Discover your information advantage – contact Barrachd’s data transformation experts

  • Integrate multiple sources of data in near real-time, allowing for better decisions
  • Retain historical data & make it easily accessible with common formats, keys, data models and access methods
  • Banish performance problems caused by running reports directly against operational systems
  • Support ad-hoc queries, but avoid the risk of users misusing or corrupting data
  • Create a single, actionable, comprehensive source of truth
  • Make self-service easier to accomplish, without having to get IT involved
  • Provide secure access to those that have a legitimate need to specific data & exclude others

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