The peaks and troughs that the Barrachd team are more used to navigating are those of a line chart on a shiny new Cognos dashboard… But last weekend, we were navigating altogether more fluid undulations.

And it wasn’t our analytics prowess that was making a splash, for a change. Instead, we swapped dashboards for centreboards and TM1 for Tillers as we took to the high seas for IBM’s Broad Reach Cup Regatta.

IBM Regatta - Broadreach Cup - Cowes Isle of Wight - IBM Broad Reach Cup Regatta

Skippering our very own Barrachd yacht (unfortunately we had to return it after the racing was over), our able crew of salty sea dogs (made up of staff and clients) set out in search of victory. And with 14 crews competing, there was no time to search for our sea legs… The sailing was fierce, the weather was fresh and the sick bags were confined to the cabin…

And, despite this being our maiden voyage, we finished just one place outside the medals overall! Coming a competitive second in one of the races…

Following a day battling the elements – and some of IBM’s finest – we retired to the Marina to rub shoulders with some of IBM’s most senior figures… Before doing it all over the again the following day!

As we sailed off into the sunset, we were secretly plotting next year’s IBM Broad Reach Cup Regatta victory. Watch this space!

IBM Regatta - Barrachd

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