For those that are still to binge watch the latest season of Netflix’s flagship political drama House of Cards, don’t worry… there are no spoilers here.

President Frank Underwood has not changed. He remains several dozen moves ahead of anyone else.

But it’s this uncanny ability to see every situation in three dimensions that offers up parallels with the use of analytics.

By employing smarter analytics solutions, businesses can use the data that they have to plan for every eventuality. Like Frank.

Be more Frank - use analytics

House of Cards, Netflix

We’ve worked with universities, food and drink manufacturers and financial firms to help harness the power of their data, to build predictive models, to spot trends and find the agility that allows them to react quickly and with confidence to every situation. And in an age where disruption is the new norm, businesses need to eek out every advantage.

Frank Underwood spots opportunities, weaknesses and potential problems by identifying trends, analysing their cause and reacting accordingly. Then, with immaculate planning he’s able to orchestrate events to ensure that they favour him.

Planning analytics and business intelligence allow organisations of all sizes to transfer these skills to the workplace. What happens to your profit when you alter the ingredients of a product? What happens if more students join your university than you predicted? Which staff members are most likely to leave? And how can you change this? These are just some of the questions that we’ve helped our clients answer with their data.

Frank’s not stupid. He himself employs analytics to make sure he never misses an insight. Aidan MacAllan, the somewhat shadowy, orchid-loving data scientist, sifts through mountains of domestic surveillance data to allow Frank to get his message over to voters, targeting them with the communications he knows they want to hear. While we would never condone such corrupt use of data, data is already proving to be a powerful tool to allow organisations to create better user-driven services.

In fact, it’s data that created Frank. Based on Netflix’s knowledge of their users’ likes, dislikes and streaming history, they were able to craft the perfect show and guarantee that House of Card would be a hit series before it was even released.

In today’s ultra-competitive business environment, we need to stay one step ahead of the competition. We need to be able to react confidently to every situation that’s thrown at us. Data is very often the key. So, do you need to be more like Frank – but without his sociopathic tendencies, of course?

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