• Live on stage at IBM THINK 2019

    We were in San Francisco this week for IBM’s Flagship THINK 2019 event – exciting enough. But the festival of technology started with even more excitement as we were called on stage to pick up an IBM Excellence Award…

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    Posted in IBM On February 15, 2019 By

  • Data Talent Scotland DataFest Barrachd

    Why we’re supporting Data Talent

    We’re delighted to be supporting Data Talent Scotland again for 2019. Bringing together aspiring data scientists with businesses from across the country, the event is part of DataFest, the UK’s first 2-week festival of data.

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    Posted in Big data On January 31, 2019 By

  • QUBEdocs dashboard and visualisation

    TM1 model documentation made easy

    Maintaining accurate and up-to-date documentation of your TM1 or Planning Analytics models can be time consuming and complex. Meaning it often gets overlooked… which often leads to problems down the line when staff leave, models evolve or problems occur. Make documentation fast and simple with QUBEdocs.

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    Posted in Planning Analytics, TM1 On January 28, 2019 By

  • Address to A Haggis - Ian Lamb - Barrachd

    Barrachd Burns Night

    Did you know that Barrachd means ‘more’ in Gaelic? So to celebrate Scotland’s most famous bard, our very own Ian Lamb got kilted up to share a dramatic version of Burns’ Address to A Haggis. Cheers!

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  • IBM Champion Analytics Dale Michael

    We are the (IBM Analytics) Champions

    A big dollop of dedication, a pile of enthusiasm, a good sprinkling of willingness and, of course, a generous measure of experience and skill… What does it take to become an IBM Analytics Champion? We now have two in our consultancy team – quite an achievement. Catch up with our newly awarded Champion to see what it takes!

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    Posted in analytics, IBM, Planning Analytics On January 18, 2019 By

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