It was only about a year ago that Cognos Analytics reimagined IBM’s BI offering. Its exciting new interface was welcomed by many – allowing for speedier report creation, a slicker UX and better insights through data interaction. 

Since then, the successive upgrades of Cognos Analytics have been rapid. In fact, it was just September that we were introduced to Cognos Analytics 11.0.4 – which came with dashboarding enhancements and a new Story Telling feature, as well as improved modelling, new data sets, and UI customisation, to name a few.

To date, the new releases have introduced a welcome mix of sensible requirements and souped-up usability. However, this next release of Cognos Analytics 11.0.5 could be the most significant yet…

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Cognos Analytics 11.0.5 promises to introduce some slick, new visualisation options, including RAVE 2.0 (with open source plug-ins) and impressive out-of-the-box mapping and geospatial capabilities that add a whole new dimension to reporting.

There’s productivity enhancements too, with extended portal customisation (different screens for different groups) and report navigation paths to include custom drills. So, let’s take a closer look at what 11.0.5 has is store for us.

  • Out-the-box geospatial mapping

New Mapping in Cognos Analytics v5 RAVE 2 with MapBox integration

Cognos Analytics is adding powerful geospatial mapping to its repertoire of reporting capabilities, following a deal with geodata provider Mapbox.

In the past, the mapping capabilities of Cognos Analytics (and Cognos BI before it) were often limited to third party tools (or self-coded Google Maps) and a country-level resolution. The integration of Mapbox’s technology with Cognos Analytics adds a whole new dimension to the platform, and where geodata previously stopped at country level, users can now drill down right to street level. Users will be able to define locations that are most pertinent to their data and pick and choose from up to 40 different zoom layers.

“For all these companies, the signal may not be in their own data,” said Marc Altshuller, IBM’s general manager of business analytics. “Most likely, the signal is in a combination of market data, plus their own internal data.” And by bringing in external geodata to highly customisable maps, business users will be able to discover the “where”, as well as the “why and the “how”.

  • RAVE 2.0

Being able to visualise your data is crucial, especially in an environment that’s increasingly populated by business users and those in need of quick insight and deeper understanding. Cognos BI wasn’t perhaps celebrated for it’s visual aesthetics, however, with the introduction of RAVE (IBM’s Rapid Adaptive Visualisation Engine) to Cognos BI came the heightened ability to produce shiny, customisable, interactive visualisations to rival any platform. These customisations could be time consuming, though.

Cognos Analytics 11.0.5 sees the much anticipated arrival of RAVE 2 which – as well as integrating new found mapping capabilities – aims to make the customisation process a whole lot easier. From tailored colour palates to value fonts, lines, axis and more. And that’s all in addition to a brand new suite of visualisations.

  • Navigation Paths

Cognos Analytics Navigation Paths

New visual properties are exciting. But v11.0.5 isn’t just about shiny graphics and improved aesthetics; there’s a tonne of new functionality to discover too. Take one of our favourite new UX introductions – Navigation Paths. This new function will allow you to easily define customised drill paths in Cognos Analytics itself, allowing the user to navigate a logical path through their data.

Say, for example, you want to drill through from Product to Distribution Channel to Customer, it’s as easy as selecting these three fields in your model and choosing the order you want to drill through them, and boom, you have a path that makes perfect sense to your users. This transfers through to report running too, making it easy to jump from top to bottom level – or anywhere in-between, for that matter.

  • Extended Portal Customisation

Release 5 builds on the productivity enhancements of 11.0.4, which allowed the end-user experience to be customised with tailored themes and extensions. 11.0.5 takes it a step further still with admins able to extended portal customisation to define custom landing pages too – meaning different screens for different groups. This opens the possibility of creating group specific dashboards or reports that you only want a specific set of users to see, hiding the content from others.

These new mapping, visual and productivity capabilities are scheduled for on-premises and on-cloud deployments of Cognos Analytics in December, although some of the new features won’t be rolled out until the new year…

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