Uber Movement shares historic trip data for planning boost

Uber data - Examining the Impact of the London Tower Bridge Closure

Uber is now sharing the data from the millions of journeys its cars have made in London. Uber Movement lets anyone see historical, anonymised traffic data during road closures, infrastructure development and other major events. This map (above), for example, shows how traffic was affected during the closure of Tower Bridge. It’s hoped that this aggregated data will help inform transport policy, investments and give insights for the future… Oh, and help Uber get back into London’s good books. The data service will be rolled out to Manchester and Birmingham soon.

Finding a data dividend

Finding the data dividend

40 years ago Alaska established a sovereign wealth fund with a share of the rents and royalties collected from oil companies drilling on state lands. The fund pays out an annual dividend (of around $1500 in recent years) to every Alaskan citizen. So, if data is the new oil – with the residual skeletons of our personal activity being mined to fuel their power and wealth – would a data fund that distributes a dividend help to democratise big data?

The hidden patterns and history of street names

German street names - hidden history and patterns in street name data

Street names reveal our past. Those that come before us leave behind permanent traces of their presence. German news site Zeit Online has used a database of over 450,000 German street names to reveal the hidden patterns that weave across the country. While some street names are used hundreds of times, and others only once, none of them were chosen at random. The results are absolutely fascinating.

Where is the Pizza capital of the US?

Burger v Pizza - the data of our cuisine love

You know what also says a lot about a nation’s culture? The food we eat. This fun, but insightful, collaboration between Google News Lab and visualisers Polygraph uses aggregated, anonymised data (from users who opted in to Google’s Location History) to rank the US cities by their most popular cuisine.

Latest Cognos Analytics release now available

Dynamic Dashboard Embedded - Cognos Analytics R10

Cognos Analytics R10 has been released – and it’s all about the dashboards. There are, of course, a plethora of “quality improvements”, and a response to some of the top RFEs too. So, discover what Cognos Analytics 11.0.10 is made of here.



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