Changing attitudes towards learning analytics in higher education can enhance attainment, retention and well-being…

Data-driven insights for student success - Times Higher education

The subject (and practice) of Learning Analytics continues to provoke widespread debate in the Higher Education sector. Despite privacy fears and issues of trust, a wealth of evidence supports the assertion that attainment, retention and student well-being can be enhanced by data-driven insights into student behaviours.

How Universities interrogate data is an ever-evolving process. However, for learning analytics to work in practice, insights need to be agile. Once data is exported it is already out of date. Dashboards allow for the visualisation of patterns in multiple points of data to be easily tailored for each department and are therefore ubiquitous tools in analysing data.

Nick Waters, a senior business analytics consultant at Barrachd, has worked with many universities to help them uncover hidden insights in their data and recognises dashboards as invaluable tools for noticing spikes in data – for example, a sudden period student absence. However, he believes that dashboards are only a small part of the solution.

Speaking in a piece in Times Higher Education, published earlier this week, Nick said: “Every institution has dashboards coming out of their ears. A dashboard may present you with those historical patterns, those historical insights, but how do you play back those insights to a wider audience, or a more senior audience that doesn’t have the time to be dipping in and out of these dashboards and filtering them by student? You want to be able to consolidate and play back the findings of those insights, so storyboarding, or storytelling, is a great tool that complements dashboards and reports, as well as predictive data, to say, ‘This is the view of the world and this is what we’ve found’.”

Want to read more? You can get the full article on the Times Higher Education website.

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