Data can – and will – play a central role in improving vital public services, and the life of citizens across the country, with data-driven innovation holding the keys to solve some of the most significant challenges facing the country today.

Whether it’s making businesses more efficient, tackling traffic congestion or uncovering new medical diagnosis and treatments, data holds the answers.

That’s why Barrachd is delighted to be supporting this year’s DataJam in Newcastle next week.

Newcastle DataJam 2019

DataJam North East is a two-day hack and unconference for those with an interest in using the power of data and service design for public good. Last year’s DataJam event brought together 200 people from across 50 different organisations.

Now, we’re well-practiced in bringing disparate sources of data together to drive value and unearth meaning…  but just as important is bringing together the silos of business, academia and public sector to create an exchange of knowledge and build on the potential of data for public good.

With that in mind, we’ll be running a workshop, where our very own Nick Waters and Christian Oliver will explore the insights to be found from different data sources, by spotting the patterns and trends that would otherwise remain hidden.

Our friends at service design agency Orange Bus will also be sponsoring DataJam, where they will be sharing the results of a collaborative research project between Orange Bus and North East Futures UTC School.

As data continues to drive advantages, it’s crucial to ensure that everyone can benefit from the benefits and opportunities waiting to be uncovered in new and exciting sources of data.

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