The Internet of Minds is real. A robot might just have written this post. An algorithm that spots suicidal thoughts. The future is now.

The Internet of Minds (IoM) – the reality and the film

What if you could share the mind and skills of the world’s most talented people? The brain of Steven Hawkins, the vocal talents of Beyonce, the skills of Messi? What if you could connect the minds of anyone in the world? We’ve shared plenty of tales of connected machines – of the IoT – but what about connected minds? Well, later this month 1000 individuals will be the first to participate in a neuroscience experience of unprecedented scale, as their brains are simultaneously connected to the cloud in real time. Participants will be watching the movie MindGamers, designed as a creative puzzle for the mind. While they watch the film EEG sensors on their head will stream brain data to the NeuroScale cloud platform, where it will be examined and understood in real time. The Internet of Minds?

Report: Are we achieving the promise analytics capabilities?

A new report reveals that business leaders that understand the full value of advanced analytics are making it a core element in their business strategies and using it as a competitive differentiator. And that’s why they’re embedding analytics into all parts of their enterprises. Top brass are now opening their minds—and their chequebooks – to capitalise on opportunities created by the explosion of data and sophisticated analytics. But the survey’s findings show this as one area where simply boosting investment doesn’t necessarily lead to better outcomes. In fact, many large enterprises throughout the world still struggle to achieve the promise of today’s analytics capabilities. Data & Advanced Analytics: High Stakes, High Rewards, highlights the state of data and advanced analytics maturity around the world.

Top 100 people in data-driven businesses

Top 100 people in data

DataIQ has revealed its 100 most influential people in data-driven businesses for 2017. The Top 100 ranks individuals on a number of factors, including the influence within their organisations – demonstrating the importance and value of data and analytics – and their engagement with the broader data and analytics industry. A notable inclusion was The Data Lab’s CEO Gillian Docherty, who made the Top 10. The list also included data heads from Facebook, M&S, Channel 4, Shell, Sainsbury’s, Royal Mail, British Gas, Unilever and the Information Commissioner. Check out the full list.

Facebook creates algorithm to spot suicidal users

Facebook creates AI algorith to spoy suicidal users
Facebook is testing the use of artificial intelligence to identify members that may be at risk of committing suicide. The social network has created algorithms that can spot warning signs in users’ posts and the comments their friends leave in response. Facebook then uses a human review team before contacting those at risk to suggest ways in which they can seek help. The tool is currently being tested in US and marks the first use of AI to review messages on the network.

This news story may have been written by a robot!

As newsrooms struggle with dwindling resources, it’s not hard to imagine a future in which AI plays an important role in creating journalism. But did you know that Robots are already writing your news? Really!

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