“Navigating a path through the often-complex links between businesses and their customers, or governments and their citizens isn’t easy. And the complexities only increase as uncertainties grow and technology develops. But embarking on this journey is going to become ever more crucial as the pace of change continues to accelerate, and innovation plays an increasingly vital role.”

Central to this continual evolution is data. Data continues to grow exponentially in its variety, in its volumes and in its velocity, fostering the perfect environment for Artificial Intelligence, informing Machine Learning, powering Robotics and unlocking an information advantage.

So, there’s no surprise that data was a constant theme at Capita’s ground breaking TED event last month. 

Extending this partnership with TED, Capita has been speaking to its own innovators about the future of work. And as part of this series of films, Barrachd’s Product & Innovation Director, Matt Stagg discusses the role data is playing in this transformation and how it can help unlock your information advantage

What is the information advantage?

But what is an information advantage?

According to Matt, it’s the ability to access and use data to make evidence-based decisions in real time and gain an advantage in your market or your space.

“The current culture is to analyse data when you require it, to solve or avoid problems” explains Matt. “But in the future we will rely on continual, perpetual analytics across multiple datasets, pivoting around key data entities.”

Yet, it’s only by making “non-curated” (raw, unstructured, alternative) data more readily available that we will be able to deliver much faster insight, he continues. One of the things vital to making this possible is the cataloguing of data “to capture and understand all the available information” that could be fused, to create a single data landscape, to enable better decision making… and unearth an information advantage.

“Utilising blended datasets enable real world changes,” adds Matt, offering a pertinent example: 

“When you call the police, the first thing they receive – before you even speak to them, or tell them your name, or why your calling – is your phone number. That phone number can act as a single node of information, with a full, perpetually analysed dataset connected to it; and the recipient of that phone call, before they even answer it, is presented with the whole wrap-around of information that’s attached to the number. It can flow through every process, it can flow right through to the emergency room before an individual arrives, allowing a much richer picture of that individual.”

The information advantage will allow problems to be solved faster; public spend to be reduced, and efficiency added through every process. By having a richer picture of an individual through data, we’ll have better information and be able to deliver better service – whether that’s in a hospital or an office.

The future of work and learning might still be uncertain, but its with optimism and a curious mind that we explore the opportunities that data, technology and fresh thinking can unearth, to make life and work better for everyone – using data to augment current services (or perhaps fundamentally changing them for good?).

At Barrachd, as part of Capita’s new consulting division, we work closely with our customers to help solve their data and information problems. From data fusion and transformation projects to analytics and AI, our team of experts can help you find your information advantage! 


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