Since the start of the year, we’ve been running a new series of Analytics Webinars focussing on the technology that drives our innovation and your insight. In recent months a number of new releases from both Cognos Analytics and Planning Analytics have added even more exciting functionality and further improvements to the usability of these trusted, stable and well-established platforms.

As the programme of new releases continues at speed, it’s important to stay on top of the possibilities each new release offers. And our webinar series allowed you to do just that.

With the current series coming to a close, we’ve rounded up the recordings of each of these Webinars to share with you again, allowing you to catch up with the new analytics capabilities, UX and advancements.

So now you can watch the webinars in your own time, share them with colleagues or just refer back to the little details that make a difference to you.  For the Password to view all our Webinars, email We’ll send you the code right away…

The first webinar in the series looked at Planning Analytics local – the new self-service way to navigate, glean insight from and interact with TM1.  We looked at the new on-premise release, from Planning Analytics for Excel to an all-new Workspace.

Watch the Planning Analytics local webinar again here.

Planning Analytics Webinar - listen again

Cognos Analytics reimagined IBM’s BI offering, with its exciting new interface allowing for speedier report creation, a slicker UX and better insights through data interaction. A lot has changed in the 12 months since its release, though, and we are now at R6

Our Cognos Analytics R5 Webinar focussed on the slick new visualisation options, including RAVE 2.0 (with open source plug-ins) and impressive out-of-the-box mapping. There are productivity enhancements too, with extended portal customisation (different screens for different groups) and report navigation paths to include custom drills.

Watch the Cognos Analytics R5 Webinar again here.

The most recent webinar focussed on the most recent Cognos Analytics release R6. With OLAP supported dashboarding, street-level mapping and a host of new developments, it could be seen as the release that bridges the gap to older Cognos 10 users.

Watch the Cognos Analytics R6 Webinar again here.

We also looked at the IBM Watson Data Platform. This brand new platform opens a completely new world of discovery, from optimised databases through to point-and-click ETL processes.  Composable environments can be integrated simply and cost effectively, so you can try out data processes without needing vast, expensive hardware platforms… And of course, it is all linked into the existing Cognos Analytics solutions.

If these webinars have only whet your appetite, then why not register for our BI User Group in June. We’ll be taking a closer look at some of the R6 functionality, as well as a host of user talks, demos, tips and, of course lunch and networking… We’d love if you could join us in Edinburgh. Find out more here.

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