Demands for data are growing on an annual basis. And, as the information required by industry regulators continues to increase, the task of meeting these demands becomes “hugely complicated, laborious and painful”.

As the market changes, utility companies must be able to respond to this evolving regulatory landscape.

Find out how Barrachd worked with one of the UK’s biggest Water Utilities to develop an agile planning and reporting tool to meet the demands of regulators and ensure the right information is always available.

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Regulatory reporting for water utilities

Having successfully worked together to implement a powerful budgeting and planning tool, Southern Water turned to Barrachd again to build a solution that enabled more efficient, faster and more flexible regulatory reporting.

The new tool was created especially for the regulatory reporting team – using a model that allows for data to be allocated according to Ofwat’s requirements.

Not only has this solution saved huge amounts of time for the team, it’s also increased accuracy and created flexibility. After all, it’s not just regulators that need information. The board needs to know how the business is performing throughout the year, with accurate forecasting to help plan and budget better.

From unlocking value-adding analysis to calculating the Average Cost To Serve (ACTS), the new solution offers the flexibility and speed needed to ensure that regulators and decision makers alike have all the information they need, exactly when they need it.

Find out more about the solutions we created for Southern Water and discover more about our planning and reporting tools:

Download: Planning and Reporting – Unlocking Real Value in Data

Download: Smarter Regulatory Reporting


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