Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority is responsible for disposing and treating 400,000 tones of waste every year. It’s a complex job, governed by strict targets and tight legislation. This job’s not made any easier by a hugely complex charging structure between the Authority and its key contractors.

Without an accurate, consistent and easily accessible view of its data, error prone reporting and invoicing were causing delays and eating up valuable resource.

“The biggest driver was to use the data that we already had in a way that was going to impact the business. We wanted to actually get value out of the data. There had never been a shortage of data, but the handling of data had been a major issue.” Alex Murray, Director of operations, MRWA

Spreadsheets were the dominant way in which that data was collected. This meant that staff had their own individual systems; there wasn’t a core, central database; this meant that different people would give different answers to the same question. MRWA struggled to ensure that their data was correct and reporting was consistent.

This meant that if the data was incorrect, these errors would be passed on to third parties, such as contractors… or even to the districts, meaning bad data could cause wider issues.

Working closely with MRWA, Barrachd utilised the integrated planning and reporting power of Cognos Express to help the authority eradicate costly errors, drive efficiencies and even manage an otherwise impossible contract. The solution includes an Excel-based interface, allowing staff to undertake their own analysis and ad-hoc reporting.

The solution also put an increased focus on the contractor to ensure data integrity, by allowing them to check and confirm their own data prior to submission.

Now, not only does MRWA have a fast, accurate way of consolidating, analysing and reporting on detailed tonnage data – creating huge savings in time and money – but it also has the ability to forecast costs based on additional input and contract rates, allowing them to plan for a sustainable future.

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