The summer release of Cognos Analytics 11.1.3 has arrived, bringing with it a host of  hot new features.

Quench your thirst for new release knowledge; sit back, relax and enjoy a summary of the new features…

Report Authoring in Cognos Analytics 11.1.3

R3 has brought about some sizzling enhancements to the report authoring part of Cognos Analytics including…

  • New and updated target bar and column visualisations that allow you to track target values against your actuals – something we’ve had in previous versions but has been updated in the new visualisation engine.
  • The ability to define drill-through report definitions for new visualisations – again something we’ve always had in the product but now updated for this new version
  • New custom filtering UI functionality – improvements to how you setup custom filters that include new search functionality and manual input of filter conditions
  • New report summary and statistics overview pane – contains key statistics such as number of objects, sources and parameters can be found quickly on this page.
  • The ability to quickly share reports, dashboards and stories via email and slack (as opposed to the traditional link/URL method) and annotate an image snapshot for better collaboration with your colleagues
  • New convert to template functionality that allows you to quickly save a report as a style template for further use.

Dashboarding in Cognos Analytics 11.1.3

As well as the new target bar and column visualisations that are mentioned in the reporting section above, there are some nice new features available for all you cool & dreamy dashboard developers this summer…

  • Mapping visualisations have taken on a new default map style with a better look and feel (IMHO). Don’t worry the old ‘blue’ style is still available if you need it.
  • New show detail / show specification of a dashboard object – whilst quite a technical feature allows you to understand the performance and composition of each dashboard object
  • The ability to quickly share reports, dashboards and stories via email and slack (as opposed to the traditional link/URL method) and annotate an image snapshot for better collaboration with your colleagues
  • Using the new AI assistant feature you can new auto create a dashboard from your data – for more details see the AI assistant section below.

Exploration in Cognos Analytics 11.1.3

Explore capability came into the product in the previous release and continues to wow customers in terms of its ability to help find those hidden patterns and relationships in their data. Explore is a great way for business users (not those cool and mellow unicorn data science types) to automatically suggest related data visualisations and generate plain English descriptions of the patterns found in your data (does anyone remember Watson Analytics ? 😉 ).

  • Better filter and explore the relationship UI – allowing you to filter on the important data fields of interest and hide/show based on strength or other secondary fields
  • Ability to turn your exploration visualisations into story by the new save as story feature – each exploration card is turned into a scene in your new story allowing playback of insights to a wider audience.
  • Improved visualisation compare functionality – makes it easy to take 2 data visualisations and generate side by side comparisons for analysis
  • The Spiral chart and driver analysis visualisations now support both continuous and categorical targets – allowing you to explore different types of data from before

Data Modules in Cognos Analytics 11.1.3

The new foundation of your data modelling and preparation has had some hot new improvements

  • Excel file uploads now retain their format properties – fields formatted as currency, dates or percentages are now retained as default data formats inside your model.
  • Enhancements to numeric data groups – with the ability to set fixed high and low range values as well as improved binning functionality for multi-language group names.
  • Model validation improvements – make life easier to detect, highlight & understand potential issues in your model.

Cognos AI – Enhanced Assistant

This feature gets a summer makeover and brings about a host of new natural language capabilities…

  • Ability to use natural language as a filter or aggregate command – for example ‘show average weekly sales by region’ or ‘show top 10 clients by spend for 2019’
  • Aggregation filters such as total, average, maximum & top/bottom can now be utilised in your natural language queries (NLQ) with Cognos
  • New type ahead suggestions – help guide and suggest to your users available data columns that can be used as a visualisation
  • New getting started commands – help new users with their initial query. Commands such as Help, Show and What Impacts help get your users going with NLQ
  • Ask the assistant to ‘create dashboard’ – and it will auto populate a dashboard with some automatically determined key measures & dimensions. A great way to generate some instant data visualisations and explore your data in more detail. The dashboard can of course be edited and adjusted ready to share with your peers.

For a full list of new and changed features check out IBM’s online resource here.

Cognos Multi-Tenant Cloud Solution

This month also saw the release of the new Cognos Analytics multi-tenant cloud solution – IBM’s low-cost cloud service designed to compete in what is a very competitive & ever-changing  marketplace. Customers can now access Cognos Analytics in the IBM cloud starting at £11.99 per user per month with the ability to trial the service for upto 5 users for 30 days. Users can start building powerful dashboards, tell compelling data driven stories against cloud and on-premise data sources easily without the need for complex IT infrastructures. Other per user pricing options are available should they wish to perform deeper explorations on their data or should they require more pixel perfect production reporting requirements. These user options can of course be mixed and matched depending on your requirements.

Should you need a more dedicated service or more reporting server firepower – then there are more enterprise options available to you.

Now is a great time to explore what Cognos Analytics in the cloud can deliver to your organisation – Visit or fill in the contact form and one of our Cognos experts will be in touch.

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