How to chose your first AI project

How to chose your first AI project - Plan for AI success

The rise of AI presents an opportunity for every industry. And that you’re no doubt, constantly being reminded…  But implementing an AI strategy is challenging. Especially for legacy enterprises. So how do you plan for AI success? Well, start small. Find a quick win. And create value. Harvard Business Review has published some sage advice for getting your first AI project off the ground – and quicker than you might think!

Analysing 16,625 scientific papers to figure out where AI is heading next

Analysing 16,625 scientific papers to figure out where AI is heading next - Plan for AI success

“Almost everything you hear about artificial intelligence today is thanks to deep learning. This category of algorithms works by using statistics to find patterns in data, and it has proved immensely powerful in mimicking human skills such as our ability to see and hear.” But the rise and fall of different techniques has characterised AI research for a long time as we search for ways to replicate our own intelligence. So where is AI heading next? MIT’s Technology Review analyzed 265 years’ worth of scientific papers to figure out exactly that – and it’s not good news for the era of deep learning.

Why Pictionary could push Machine learning to its limits

Why Pictionary could push Machine learning to its limits - Plan for AI success

We see a lot of headlines about artificial intelligence and machine learning, but it’s not every day that they claim a game, probably hidden at the back of your cupboard, could be the tool that pushes AI to its limits! But researchers now believe that Pictionary could push machine intelligence beyond its current limits. To that end, they have devised an online version of the game that pairs a human player with an AI program. Have a go and see if your common sense rubs off…

World headlines and preoccupation

World headlines and preoccupation

We don’t spend all our time thinking about AI though… We spend a lot of time looking over our shoulders at our neighbours too… This lovely DataViz looks through the eyes of America to see which of their world neighbours they were most preoccupied with over the years, analysing the data of almost 3 quarters of a million headlines since 1900. 

An average day on Earth from space

An average day on Earth from space

This pretty cool project collected daily satellite images of our planet and calculates the per-pixel average over the whole year of 2018 to create an “average” satellite map of Earth. You can explore it in full resolution in an interactive map. We weren’t too surprised to see a thin veil of grey – that looks very much like cloud – hovering over the UK.

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