IBM’s Planning Analytics has been winning plaudits. Yet with a steady stream of upgrades since its release, it continues to innovate.

While Planning Analytics has been available for sometime now, this constant improvement means that some of the new functionality and features almost sneak through without the fanfare they merit. And in PA 2.0.7 – which was released just a few days ago, at the tail-end of April – there’s some significant new updates that are definitely worth sharing.  

Planning Analytics Administration Console

The new PAA console

Many TM1 customers have already upgraded to Planning Analytics and are seeing the benefits of an intuitive new user interface, while experiencing dynamic new ways to analyse their TM1 planning & forecasting data. Of course, some users still want to hold onto the older, legacy capabilities, such as TM1 perspectives and TM1Web and can still do so, but it’s still worth taking some time out to explore the new capabilities of PAX – Planning Analytics for Excel – and PAW – Planning Analytics Workspace.

The Planning Analytics development team at IBM have certainly been busy over the last few months providing some great new features. Having attended a number of recent business partner roadmap briefings, it appears that IBM are focused on giving their PA/TM1 customers the best planning experience in the market, with a real focus on functionality and performance.

So what about this latest release – PA 2.0.7 – and the recent updates to PAW and PAX?

Let’s underline some of the highlights in the very latest release:

  • Cell level security can now be set in cubes in PAW SC39
  • Improvements to the drag and drop data import functionality including new options to clear, accumulate & overwrite data in cubes
  • Set editor improvements
  • PAW – Trace feeder functionality
  • PAW – Action buttons – automate user-driven tasks and processes through push buttons in your workspaces
  • New PA administration console (known as PAA)
  • New PAW high availability – using Docker Swarm functionality
  • Model deployment and source control using GIT
  • New TI function called RunProcess that allows multiple TI processes to run in parallel
  • Support for the hiding of hierarchies (Attribute hierarchies is a great new feature that has been inside Planning Analytics for some time now! If you haven’t already, check it out ! )
  • Performance tuning and improvements behind the scenes by removing PMHub component
  • New PA Cloud memory options expanding to 1TB or 2TB for large model requirements

With TM1 10.2.2 going out of support this summer (September 30th 2019) now is perhaps the ideal time to explore these new features… and so much more. Here are a few links to our Planning Analytics musings, as well as IBM’s take on the new release. 

Planning Analytics 2.0.7 – April 29, 2019

The new face of TM1

Upgrading from TM1 to Planning Analytics

Planning Analytics, an insiders view

Compelling Dashboards in Planning Analytics

There’s a lot to take in, please reach out to me – or your favourite PA/TM1 consultant – if you want to look at these capabilities in more detail. We’d be happy to help.



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