What appears trivial can often be important. By making a subject engaging, it becomes easier to understand. So what can we learn when serious data points get dressed up as entertainment?

Wonder what GDPR sounds like? Get the playlist

Some serious data tunes - The GDPR Playlist

GDPR comes into law in May 2018. Probably not music to the ears of most businesses… This handy Spotify playlist compiled by Donorfy – the cloud-based fundraising and management platform – might just help soothe your GDPR pains and remind you of the key parts of compliance.

Searching for gender equality

Search interest in gender equality issues over time

Google’s online search data offers a window into the real world. And to mark International Women’s Day this week, the search giant focussed on gender equality – which is being searched more than ever before. But as well as celebrating women’s economic, political and cultural achievements, Google looked at the major issues still faced. Search interest in ‘sexual harassment’ has increased by 99% over the past year;the same year the powerful #MeToo movement became a global phenomenon.

Big data and bras – an unlikely pairing

Bigdata and bras

What happens if you replaced a bra fitter with a computer algorithm that analyses over 50 million data points? That was the aim of Brayola – which aims to make the shopping experience easier and more enjoyable with the help of big data analytics. Not only that; it’s also helped the company achieve a return rate 10% lower than industry average.

When bad passwords are the key to unlocking love

Some serious data - Words of heart - dating site for people with the same passwords

Randomly generated passwords, with a unique mix of Upper Case and lower case letters, numbers and symbols are great for password security… but they’re not that great for finding a date. Words of Heart is a new ‘dating site’ that will match you to other people who use the same password as you… And people are actually using it! The site is, however, less about finding love and more an interesting thought piece that encourages users to think about their infosec… and show that it’s never been easier for password holder 123456 to find a date!

A first look at SPSS new interface

IBM SPSS modeller

And finally… At the end of last year we took a peek at IBM’s plans for SPSS Modeler. Well these plans to rebuild the existing interface are well under way. IBM is now also completely redoing the visualisation in IBM SPSS Modeler, making them more interactive – allowing the end user change the look and feel of the chart, the type of chart and the scaling of the chart on the fly. IBM SPSS Statistics also will be receiving a new interface as well. Find out more.

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