Wimbledon is roaring to life, in a massacre of berries and a flood of full-fatted dairy goodness. But almost as synonymous with Wimbledon as the quaffing of strawberries and cream is IBM.

For the past 24 years IBM has partnered with Wimbledon as a showcase for how it can collect, collate, analyse and present huge amounts of data in real time.

And this year is no different.SPSS reportingWhile the players battle it out on court IBM will be hitting a few aces of its own, bringing scores, stats and analysis of the match to life with SlamTracker. Using graphics to present detailed statistics in an attractive and easy to read way, fans, players and broadcasters get a new perspectives through which to enjoy and assess each game. It can present between 15 and 25 parameters for each point in real time, ranging from how the ball was served to to the current positive social sentiment for each player.

SPSS analytics

SlamTracker is built on predictive analytics technology (SPSS), and mines over 8 years of Grand Slam Tennis data (a staggering 41 million data points) to determine patterns and styles for players when they win.

Prior to each match, the ‘Keys to the Match’ system runs an analysis of both competitors’ historical head-to-head match-ups. But get this… it also runs stats against comparable player styles to indicate the three most important things a player needs to do to beat their opponent.

Now, you could imagine that this sort of view could be handy in business. Turning massive amounts of disparate data into insight, allowing you the chance to ‘Smash’ your competition – or at least gain a real, competitive advantage.

For the wider business community, the ability to take live operational data and compare it, for example, with social media sentiment can give amazing insights, enabling better business decisions.

SPSS provides a comprehensive predictive analytics portfolio that includes data collection, text and data mining, and advanced statistical analysis and predictive solutions, helping customers predict future events and proactively act upon insight to drive better business outcomes.

Having been one of the first IBM partners in the UK for SPSS, Barrachd has more experience than most at using SPSS to identify the key and current strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats that your business shouldn’t overlook, allowing our clients to take action before it’s too late.

So while you’re quaffing a pimms or ladling strawberries and cream, using SlamTracker to gain a greater insight into the competition, it might be worth considering how the lessons learnt in tennis can be transferred to your business.

Check out SlamTracker for yourself.

Tennis analytics infographic

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