Documentation is hugely time consuming. Business users are always asking for it and developers never have time for it, so all too often it’s incomplete or out-of-date. 

That’s why we’ve partnered with QUBEdocs to help make this a problem of the past.

We’re excited to announce that Barrachd has become an official QUBEdocs partner. The new partnership will allow us to help make model documentation so much easier for our Planning Analytics and TM1 customers.

What is QUBEdocs? Well, it’s an automated documentation platform that integrates with your TM1 and Planning Analytics models to pull information from the vast numbers of underlying source files – enabling you to organise your model, deliver more projects and enhancements, while QUBEdocs handles all the documentation. 

What once took a developer 5 days to document can now be done in 5 minutes.

QUBEdocs dashboard and visualisation

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By allowing you to visualise, search and compare your Planning Analytics and TM1 models, QUBEdocs allows you to manage and change them without sacrificing the flexibility, adaptability and complexity that makes IBM’s TM1 and planning analytics so powerful.

Our CTO Alan Crameri said of the new partnership: “This is an exciting partnership for us. Accurate and up-to-date documentation is vitally important to help everyone understand exactly what’s happening. But it’s a task that’s time consuming and often complicated, which means it’s easy to neglect. QUBEdocs makes it really, really easy to provide interactive documentation of all your models – your cubes, rules, processes and links. 

“QUBEdocs automatically interrogates your TM1 and Planning Analytics models, making documentation, fast, accurate and efficient. It quickly and easily shows how a model is constructed, to help you spot problems, highlight changes, and chart exactly what’s going on.”

“We’re really pleased to be an official QUBEdocs partner. It’s a tool that I’m sure many of our clients will benefit from. From running ‘health checks’ to quickly creating up-to-date documentation for complicated, historical solutions, QUBEdocs is a cost effective tool that makes solution documentation so remarkably fast and easy.” 

How can QUBEdocs help you?

  • Automatically generate custom documentation for your TM1 and Planning Analytics models
  • Meet regulatory requirements with ease
  • A seamless knowledge capture – never be caught out by change
  • An accurate and up-to-date view of all your TM1 and Planning Analytics model dependencies

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