What do we mean by data?

What is data

Latin time “stamps” on medieval documents began with the word “Datum”, abbreviated “Dat.”, followed by date and place. Source: Lichtbildarchiv Älterer Urkunden Marburg

“Some technical terms are so ubiquitous and (apparently) unambigious, that they almost become a transparent fluid: always used but never much reflected upon. Interestingly enough, the word ‘data’ is such a term…” But what are the origins of the word ‘data’ – and what are its implications?

How Personal data could be a vital tool in designing our cities

From Strava’s now infamous heat maps, to Cape Town’s lifesaving water map, when aggregated with other tools for urban exploration and understanding, user data can build up an invaluable picture of cities, with a depth that would otherwise be unobtainable.

The best Mario Kart character, according to data science

Mario Kart was a staple of many a childhood — hours would be wasted racing with Mario and Luigi around cartoon tracks, lobbing pixelated bananas. But the same question always vexed would-be speedsters… which character was best? Data science has the answers…

The hotel that’s using biometric data to help you have the perfect stay

The hotel that’s using biometric data to help you have the perfect stay

To make sure customers will enjoy the perfect break, one hotel chain is reading its guests’ minds – and their heart rate, and EEG, and galvanic skin response – to suggest the ideal stay… But will this unique way of offering a very personalised service catch on? Fin out for yourself at the Seeker Project.

How Cognitive Highlights is enhancing the coverage of Wimbledon

With Wimbledon now well under way, IBM has teamed up with the All England Lawn Tennis Club (once again) for its flagship tennis championships. And this time Watson is keeping an eye on all 18 tennis courts at the same time, while simultaneously piecing together the most interesting bits, to make sure we never miss the best of the action. AI is getting clever.

Planning Analytics Workspace demo by a 10 year old

Planning Analytics Workspace demo by a 10 year old

An IBM techie filmed his 10 year old daughter demonstrating just how easy it is to build and extend existing models in Planning Analytics Workspace… We’ll just leave you with that thought!

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