3 years ago we supported the inaugural Data Talent Scotland – the country’s first ever event dedicated to data, the power of data, it’s potential and those that are using data to uncover insights and advantages. 

The fledgling event in 2016 brought together academia and industry in a collision of talent. As a principle sponsor, it was amazing to be part of something new; something that reflected the burgeoning sector and the talent in Scotland.

Since then the event has grown a lot. And so has Barrachd. So we’re delighted to be supporting Data Talent again in 2019, as part of an even bigger Festival of data.

Data Talent Scotland DataFest Barrachd

Like Data Talent Scotland, as Barrachd has grown, we have morphed. Since the first event, we now specialise in new areas of data and analytics, augmenting our existing offering. And, as a result, we’re excited to be able to meet with the cream of the country’s data talent. 

We’re actively looking to fill data science and predictive roles, to support the new and exciting areas we are focussing on. So, if you’re at Data Talent Scotland, make sure you stop at the Barrachd stand for a chat.

DataFest is the UK’s first two-week festival of data innovation. It includes a handful of stand-alone events and culminates in the amazing Data Summit.

Data Talent Scotland brings together aspiring data science with businesses across the country. The event is an opportunity to network, discuss and learn. And, as Scotland’s largest data talent showcase, the event will focus on developing the skills Scotland’s data talent need to help achieve data-driven future prosperity.

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