Guiding the economy, beating your mates and forging alliances… Data’s many uses aren’t in doubt – but you might not believe the results!

There’s only one combinatorial optimisation algorithm, there’s only one… 

AI Fantasy Football Manager tops league - winning-with-data

As millions of bar stool fans tinker with their fantasy teams every week – relying on advice from ‘Dave down the pub’ for their insight – a new AI powered manager has been studying-up. Squadguru taps into Bayesian Machine Learning techniques and a combinatorial optimisation algorithm to select the best available players to boost its team’s performance. And it turns out that this is more effective than Dave’s encyclopaedic knowledge of the beautiful game, with Squadguru beating almost 6 million fantasy managers in its first season – finishing in the top 1% of the Fantasy Football League. AI for new Arsenal manager anyone?

Why Taylor Swift could save our economy – and how your playlist can predict the next financial crash

Your music playlist can predict the next economic crash - winning-with-data

Your Spotify playlist can help predict the next major financial crisis… At least, that’s the opinion of one of the UK’s top economists. The musical mood of the nation reflects how people feel about the economy – and how they will react to different policies. Economic sentiment, emotion mapping and natural language analysis of the top 100 chart can reveal how a rising number of Taylor Swift downloads will effect our economy. Don’t take our word for it

How Eurovision defines our neighbourly relations – a statistical analysis of the voting 

The deeper statistics of Eurovision - winning-with-data

Voting might be half the fun of the Eurovision Song Contest – who doesn’t shout at the television when all the Balkan countries vote for each other, or Greece and Cyprus award each other 12 points? But do these results do more than just raise our heckles? Can they actually define our relationships with our European neighbours? This statistical analysis of this year’s voting digs deeper into the patterns to see what they say about Bloc-voting, backstabbing, Brexit and all…

70% of big data projects still failing to realise full potential

70% of big data projects still failing to realise full potential

Big data can uncover vital statistics relating to everything from corporate fraud, to changing consumer behaviour, to supply chain inefficiencies. So, it’s not surprising that it’s billed as one of the most important drivers of the digital transformation. However, with a shortage in skills and a lack of knowledge, tapping into big data is easier said than done. That’s the findings of the latest study into the way we use big data – and the industries that are utilising its best.




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