• Planning in an Uncertain World

    In today’s volatile business and political environment, you need speed, agility and foresight to react quickly to change.
    To do this, you need to be able to plan effectively for every outcome; you need a fast and flexible, planning and exploratory analytics solution.

    By harnessing the power of IBM’s Planning Analytics, you’ll unlock an integrated view of your business performance to create more accurate forecasts, identify potential problems before they occur, and make decisions quickly and intelligently. Using multidimensional modelling and scenario analysis, drill down into your data to examine the ripple effects of alternative courses of action and understand how your decision will ultimately impact the bottom line.

  • Reimagining what’s possible: infusing AI into BI

    Traditional business intelligence (BI) solutions have no hope of making sense of the volume, variety and velocity of data being created. Harnessing this flood of business data requires a new approach to BI, one that is enabled by the smarts embedded in IBM Cognos Analytics. Powered by an ever-growing set of augmented intelligence (AI) features, Cognos Analytics has been reconceived for the needs of today’s organizations and users.

  • Upgrading to IBM Planning Analytics from Cognos TM1

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    Built on IBM TM1 technology – with speed, agility and foresight for the cognitive era – Planning Analytics is the marketing-leading planning toolkit from IBM. Why you should upgrade to the latest release.

  • Orchestrate – Enabling Successful Project Delivery

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    With many years of delivering effective business solutions, we’ve learnt how to perfectly blend the right experience, skills, organisation and hard work to deliver a successful project. So we’ve formalised and distilled this process to ensure the success of all our projects; to deliver exceptional client service and exceed expectations… We call it Orchestrate.

  • MRWA Casestudy: Securing a Sustainable Future through Analytics

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    MRWA is responsible for disposing and treating 400,000 tones of waste every year. It’s a complex job and without an accurate, consistent and easily accessible view of its data, error prone reporting and invoicing were causing delays and eating up valuable resource. Working closely with MRWA, Barrachd used IBM Cognos Express to create a solution that helped the Authority harness its data to eradicate costly errors, drive efficiencies and even run an otherwise impossible contract.

  • LoganAir Case study: Airline Analytics and a matter of Time

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    Making sure that an airline flies on time across its whole network is a huge challenge, with a number of internal and external factors affecting this performance. LoganAir was facing operational challenges around its On Time Performance (OPT). Keeping airplanes running to schedule all day long is a complex task; but it’s even more difficult when the vital data needed to make important decisions can’t be accessed quickly enough.  Barrachd utilised the integrated planning and reporting power of Cognos Express to help the airline produce an interactive dashboarding and reporting environment, that allows its workforce to understand and act quickly on the information that is pertinent to them.

  • Calculating IRR in TM1 – Breaking the Excel dependancy

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    Despite being one of the most fundamental investment calculations, Internal Rate of Return (IRR) is still often bound by a painfully slow process littered with potholes of inaccuracy, complications and even the occasional guess work. This metric appears in nearly all investment reporting yet, largely, it can only be efficiently generated through Microsoft Excel. Barrachd worked with a leading investment firm to break the dependency on Excel and create a model that allows them to eradicate error, truly automate the process and slice and dice over 30 million IRR calculations, before outputting the appropriate information for reporting… every single day.

  • University Challenge: Student number planning

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    Data can be used to accurately and quickly predict changes in trends and behavior. Find out how University of Liverpool harnessed the power of analytics for its student number planning.

  • Planning Analytics – The new face of TM1

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    IBM Planning Analytics goes beyond simply automating your planning, budgeting and forecasting processes. It provides self-service analytics to all of your business users through an innovative planning workspace that empowers business users to seek better business results. It delivers insights automatically from your data and helps you pull ahead of competitors and stay agile for the changes ahead.

  • Introducing Cognos Analytics – an evolution of BI

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    IBM has redesigned the user experience of its flagship Cognos BI solution, based on the same “self-service” design principles as Watson Analytics.

    While early details of ‘Cognos Analytics’ are still emerging, both business users and IT professionals will now be able to author and distribute reports and access self-service dashboards – and do so on any device. IBM Cognos Analytics will deliver a combination of self-service and managed data analytics capabilities. This includes:

    • A more natural and effortless unified user experience
    • Vastly improved navigation and smart use of search throughout the experience
    • Built in intelligence to interpret user intent and guide users in their tasks
    • Lowers skills requirements for dashboarding and report building
    • The same web-based experience across desktop and mobile devices
    • Accelerated performance
    • Empowered business users, freeing up IT time

    A date for General Availability has not yet been set, but Barrachd will keep you updated as more information is available.

  • Business Analytics for the Finance Sector

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    In today’s post financial crisis environment, banks face a costly and complex web of challenges that have become their new normal. Customers are now more savvy, demanding and less loyal. New regulations continue to emerge that require more granular and frequent demonstrations of governance and control. The ability to understand risk well enough to act on insights remains a challenge. And capital remains scarce, requiring a tighter focus on operational efficiency and decisions that are both risk-informed and capital adjusted. The competition for profitable returns in this marketplace is extreme. In order to meet the challenges of the “new normal,” banks need a way to transform massive volumes of organizational data into actionable insights and strategies – Business analytics is the perfect tool.

  • Multi Agency Data Sharing

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    A government focus on early intervention has prompted local authorities to form multi-agency partnerships to provide a more efficient and focused service to help children, young people and families.
    Barrachd, working with a number of Local Authorities, has formulated a unique way of automating processes in real time, to allow these localised teams to pull together a range of services – including Education, Social Care, Health Services, Police and Housing – to ensure multi agency support can be centrally based and tightly integrated with the interests of the most vulnerable people in our communities at its core.

  • The Economy of Things

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    Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), physical assets are turning into participants in real-time global digital markets. The countless types of assets around us will become as easily indexed, searched and traded as any online commodity. While some industries will be tougher to transform than others, untold economic opportunities exist for growth and advancement, creating a new “Economy of Things” with significant consequences. That won’t just mean smart homes that light up when you arrive or washing machines that text you when the cycle is done…

  • Big data, bad data, good data – The link between information governance and big data outcomes

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    The outcome of any big data analytics project is only as good as the quality of the data being used. As big data analytics solutions have matured, the quality and trustworthiness of the data sources themselves are emerging as key concerns. Although organizations may have their structured data under control, this is often not the case with the unstructured content that accounts for the vast majority of enterprise information. This paper explores the link between good information governance and the outcomes of big data analytics projects and takes a look at IBM’s StoredIQ solution.

  • IBM Cognos TM1

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    Many Finance departments shortchange their enterprise performance management activities because they’re wasting time on manual tasks, such as collecting, validating and correcting data, to spend adequate time on the more important task of analysis. They rely on systems — ranging from spreadsheets to ERP solutions — that are disconnected, outdated, static, insecure, completely dependant upon IT, and lacking the performance and data reliability essential for today’s analytics. IBM Cognos TM1 transforms planning, budgeting, forecasting analysis and score-carding to establish a more dynamic, reliable performance management system.

  • IBM Cognos Express

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    IBM Cognos Express is the first and only integrated business intelligence (BI) and performance management (PM) solution built to meet the needs of midsize organizations. It delivers the essential reporting, analysis, visualization,dashboard, scorecard, planning, budgeting and forecasting capabilities that midsize organizations and workgroups require, at a price they can afford. All of the tools you need to get started are included in a pre-configured solution that is easy to install, easy to use and easy to buy. Cognos Express provides organizations with consistent, reliable information to answer three critical business questions: How are we doing? Why? and What should we be doing? With these answers you can make better, faster decisions to drive greater efficiencies, reduce costs and identify new growth opportunities.

  • IBM Cognos Mobile – Intelligence on the go

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    With today’s mobile apps, everyone expects information at their fingertips. Whether they are in the office, in line at a coffee shop or on a plane, people want uninterrupted access to data because some decisions just can’t wait. Your mobile workforce is no different. Mobile workers need business intelligence (BI) data to be available on their smartphones, notebook computers and tablets wherever they are to make information-driven decisions — even when they’re not connected to the web or your network.

  • Mace Gains Insight into the Performance of International Projects

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    To manage the financial aspects of major international construction projects effectively, Mace needs a tight grip on its finances – but local variations in reporting processes made it difficult to maintain visibility and control. Barrachd helped Mace roll out IBM Cognos Express to its international business units, replacing cumbersome spreadsheet-based processes with an automated, detailed and standardised reporting process.

  • Easy Access Analytics with Barrachd and IBM Global Financing

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    Business analytics can provide game-changing insights for huge competitive gains. But when IT budgets are tight, how can companies afford to invest in transformational analytics solutions? Barrachd, a leading business analytics solution provider, leverages its strong relationship with IBM® Global Financing to bring advanced solutions within the financial reach of companies of all sizes.

  • Edinburgh Telford Case Study

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    Edinburgh’s Telford College wanted to find a way to track learner attendance more effectively. Not only would this help with administrative processes such as the allocation of bursaries; it would also form the basis of a new predictive analytics solution that aims to boost retention rates by identifying learners who are at risk of dropping out.

  • AG Barr Case Study – putting fizz into sales

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    Find out how AG BARR use analytics to spend less time ‘crunching numbers’ and more time enabling great decision-making, supporting its mobile sales force and gaining comprehensive business intelligence. An intelligent IBM solution from Barrachd.

  • IBM Cognos Disclosure Management Datasheet

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    Many companies have experienced growing pains with both their external and internal reporting and disclosure processes in recent years, because of increasing volumes of data and increasing demands from both regulators and stakeholders. To produce any number of these required reports in different departments across the organization, contributors commonly work in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint files, manually copying and pasting data from source systems or disparate spreadsheets, and then must pass these files back and forth over insecure channels, such as email, until the report is complete.

  • IBM Cognos Analysis for Microsoft Excel Datasheet

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    IBM Cognos Analysis for Microsoft Excel brings the benefits of modern enterprise performance management to your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. It provides a way for business analysts, financial analysts, line-of-business managers, and users on the front line to pull data from a variety of sources, including IBM Cognos TM1 and IBM Cognos Business Intelligence, and perform analysis in a familiar Microsoft Excel spreadsheet environment.

  • IBM BI Forward – a full view of your business

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    Imagine that your organization is effectively using a business intelligence (BI) solution that provides everything you need to make better decisions and improve operational efficiency. Imagine users with their fingers on the pulse of markets, customers, channels and operations at all times. And imagine that your programs, plans, services and products are being designed with full and timely insight into all the factors — past, present and future — critical to success. What would it take to make that happen?

  • Business Analytics for Big Data

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    Organisations today collect more data than ever before. Much of it is difficult to analyze, yet the insights contained in this data can be extremely valuable. New technologies for managing, exploring and analyzing data have advanced so far that it is now feasible for organizations of all sizes to capitalise on big data.

  • Better Planning and Forecasting with Predictive Analytics and TM1

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    If you look up “forecast” and “predict” in the dictionary, you’ll find that the two words mean roughly the same thing. But until now, those involved in financial forecasting have not been able to take advantage of the latest advances in predictive analytics software.