WATCH AGAIN – Thanks to everyone who tuned into our Cognos Analytics 11.0.5 Webinar. We hope you enjoyed this unique look at the all-new features r5 has to offer. The recording of the Webinar is now available for you to view.

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Cognos Analytics reimagined IBM’s BI offering, with its exciting new interface allowing for speedier report creation, a slicker UX and better insights through data interaction. A lot has changed in the 12 months since its release, though, and we are now at Release 5.

Release 5 promises to bring some slick, new visualisation options to the table, including RAVE 2.0 (with open source plug-ins) and impressive out-of-the-box mapping. There are productivity enhancements too, with extended portal customisation (different screens for different groups) and report navigation paths to include custom drills. So join us for a look at this new version, where we will be focusing on both the pretty and the practical.

…Let our experts take you through the very latest in Cognos Analytics.

Cognos Analytics r5

What we cover

  • New features for Reports and Dashboards
  • The new foundation for mapping and RAVE 2 visualisations
  • Cognos Portal customisation, custom roles and embedding reports
  • Storytelling module enhancements
  • Licence details and upgrade plans
  • Plenty of time reserved at the end of the Webinar to answer any Cognos Analytics questions.

Who should tune in?

Whether you are creating reports, dashboards or modelling data, if you or your team currently use Cognos BI or Cognos Analytics – or are thinking about doing so – you should sign up now for this short but informative session.


Nick Waters, senior business analytics consultant at Barrachd (and IBM Business Analytics Champion) and Richard Abraham, Barrachd’s commercial account manager.

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