WEBINAR: New Year, New Cognos Analytics

Take time out the Christmas rush to take an early look at the all new Cognos Analytics. This is the new name for the latest version of Cognos Business Intelligence.The new year is upon us. A time to look ahead, a time of change and self-improvement… The perfect time to join our experts to discover everything you should know about Cognos Analytics.

Cognos Analytics is the new name for Cognos Business Intelligence, but it’s a lot more than just a new name! There are a whole load exciting changes as Cognos Analytics aims to strike the perfect balance between the self service analytics that business users demand and the control that IT expects.

Our Webinar will give a unique look at the all-new Cognos Analytics, with an early preview of its exciting new functionality and design, including:

  • Built-in intelligence that interprets your intent, guiding how you work with your data for a more comprehensive analysis and professional reporting.
  • A redesigned interface improving how you and your team interact with analytics, accelerating the time to insight.
  • An exciting new interface that spans desktop and mobile devices alike, providing analytics when, where and how you use them.
  • A smarter self-service on your most trusted and secure platform.

Who should attend the Webinar?

Whether you are creating reports, dashboards or modelling data, if you or your team currently use Cognos BI, or are thinking about doing so, sign up now for a New Year treat!

What topics will be covered?

While Cognos Analytics isn’t yet on general release, our consultants have been privy to the new solution and our experts will guide you through this new release.

  • New report, dashboard and infographic generation
  • User interaction and new report distribution processes
  • New data modelling and combine options
  • Licence options and upgrade paths.
  • There will be plenty of time for Q&A at the end of the webinar.


Keep up to date with the very latest in BI and make this the New Year’s resolution that you keep!


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