We saw the introduction of IBM’s Watson Analytics last year, with its guided data discovery and easy, self-service “analytics for everyone”. The Watson Data Platform extends this concepts, and puts some powerful data collection and crunching tools within the reach of the wider analytics community.

This brand new platform opens a completely new world of discovery, from optimised databases through to point-and-click ETL processes.  Composable environments can be integrated simply and cost effectively, so you can try out data processes without needing vast, expensive hardware platforms… And of course, it is all linked into the existing Cognos Analytics solutions.

IBM Watson Data Pltform webinar

What the Webinar covered

  • The range of data tools available on the platform
  • New user friendly ETL processes for data cleansing
  • Database technology principles, using the right tool for your next data project
  • Using the platform for agile development, reducing time to project value

It’s more than just analytics

Watson Data Platform offers a set of services and an interface tailored for each data role – from data scientist to business analyst and data engineer, allowing them to share projects, code and ideas. With its wide partner ecosystem, business users and data pros alike can tap into multiple data sources with an integrated platform of cloud-based data and analytics services. The beautiful thing about IBM Watson Data Platform is you can start anywhere and expand as needed. Maybe you start with a simple in-memory data mart, then further empower your analytics through data enrichment, then include feeds from Internet of Things or eCommerce platforms.

Who should watch the Webinar?

If you already use Cognos BI, Cognos TM1, Cognos Analytics, Planning Analytics – or any other best in class analytics technology – but want to get more from your data and encourage wider collaboration across the business, you should sign up now.


Nick Waters, senior business analytics consultant at Barrachd (and IBM Business Analytics Champion) and Richard Abraham, Barrachd’s commercial account manager.

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