Webinar: Predicting your success in 2016 with Predictive Analytics


As the New Year quickly fades into distant memory, we turn our mind to our goals for 2016. But, how can you predict your likelihood of success and what are the biggest determining factors between hero and zero?

In this webinar we’ll provide an introduction to exploiting the power of predictive analytics in the business environment. All too often we focus on the past performance, taking only a cursory glance at today. Rarely do we try and predict the future with conviction.

Predictive analytics are being used to:

  • Look through data and highlight key factors determining outcomes.
  • Gain a competitive edge.
  • Determine ‘next best actions’ to enhance customer satisfaction and cross-sell.
  • Optimise stock levels, manufacturing processes, pro-active machine maintenance or sales trends by feeding outcomes into the planning process.

Who should watch?

You’re using your organisation’s data to plan and report, but you’re looking for trends to exploit this data for even better business returns.

What will be covered?

  • Understand what predictive analytics means for a business and how it can be exploited to drive performance
  • Better understand predictive modelling for those business users without a degree in Statistics
  • See a demo of predictive analytics in action and the impact on the P&L
  • Explore use cases across different business types and functions
  • High level view of software and licensing options



We predict an informative session. See the year ahead in a whole new light.


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