The TM1 User Group has now been finalised and, we’re sure you’ll agree, it’s one of best line-ups yet! 

Hear talks from global construction firm MACE, Southern Water and University of Sheffield, as well as guest speakers from IBM.

TM1 User Group, 22 March, Glasgow

The afternoon event will be held in Glasgow at the DoubleTree by Hilton on Cambridge Street on Wednesday 22nd March.

Sandwiched between a tasty lunch and plenty of networking opportunities, will be an exciting mix of user stories, up-to-the minute TM1 and Planning Analytics news and demos, as well as a look to the future of TM1.

Download the full TM1 User Group Agenda here.

Find out a little more about the companies that will be taking to the User Group stage and the TM1 stories they’ll be sharing on the day:

“Southern Water has worked closely with Barrachd to become one of the very first businesses in the UK to implement Planning Analytics in the cloud. Driven by the finance function, the Planning Analytics solution creates an agile and accurate planning, budgeting and forecasting tool. Southern Water will share their TM1 story – from the challenges to the triumphs – including the journey the team have undertaken, from a zero base to fully fledged TM1 developers.

“Mace creates and manages some of the world’s most iconic new buildings. So building a robust, international solution for financial reporting across 40 countries could have been a tall order! The construction firm synchronises near real-time global data by delivering information to multiple instances of TM1. By bringing a plethora of data systems together on a common platform, Cognos TM1 has become the financial heartbeat of the organisation, equally vital to boardroom executives and on-site workers. As soon as a cost of a project changes, those that need to know, know. Mace recently won an award for it’s innovative use of TM1.

“The University of Sheffield worked closely with Barrachd to implement a powerful TM1 solution for its student number planning, as well as across other areas of the University planning spectrum. What’s perhaps unique about this TM1 project is the early investment in training by the University. This allowed its team to play a significant role in the implementation of the project. By working side-by-side with Barrachd, the University now has an indepth understanding of the solution allowing them to further develop and utilise the system.

Download the full TM1 User Group Agenda here.

The TM1 User Group is now a well-established fixture in our calendar, with over 40 clients and users making it along to our last event.

If you have any questions – or any topics that you’d like us to include – please contact John Buchanan.


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