Watson Analytics has been billed as a game-changer for data discovery…

From guided data exploration, to automated predictive analytics; from effortless dashboard creation to increased collaboration…  But how can it help you? Where does it fit with your current solutions? And can anyone really use it?

Our Watson Analytics Webinar will tell you everything you need to know about the “smart data discovery” tool.

What will we cover?

Watson AnalyticsIn this Webinar, our experts will take a look at:

  • Where Watson fits in to the analytics ecosystem, and how it can be used to support and complement the Cognos solutions that you already use.
  • It’s predictive capabilities.
  • How easy creation of Dashboards, reports and collaborative tools encourages wider interaction.
  • How natural language can be employed to fuel insights in your data.
  • How the data discovery capabilities of Watson Analytics can benefit users who may have been put off with more complex interfaces in the past.

We’ll run a live demo to delve deeper into Watson Analytic, using it to cleanse data, discover insights, predict outcomes, visualize results, create reports or dashboards, and collaborate with others.

Who’s this webinar suitable for?

Whether you’re a hardened analytics user looking to find out how Watson Analytics can fit into your current solutions, or if you’re a business-user hoping to start getting more out of your data, this webinar will answer all your questions.

Of course, feel free to share this Webinar with your team – and beyond. After all, Watson Analytics makes “analytics for everyone”…


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What you need to know about Watson Analytics

Whether you’re looking to find out how Watson Analytics can fit into your current analytics solutions, or a business user hoping to get more from your data, discover everything you really need to know about Watson Analytics.

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