We hate that too. That’s why our Cognos support service is one-to-one and more face-to-face.

You’ll always deal with a dedicated Cognos consultant who knows you and your environment.

Their aim is to troubleshoot from day one, with the goal of avoiding those painful phone calls in the first place.

Help Desk

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Phone Support: 0845 544 0710 | Email Support: support@barrachd.com

Paul Bierman

Paul manages our support department. Speak with Paul if you'd like further details on our comprehensive support offerings.

Call Paul on 07969 180077

We didn’t fix it, we reinvented it

When we received a support request asking for modification of a Cognos report - we refused.

We saw what others hadn’t; that this particular report had been badly designed. It had tons of calculations, was 50 pages long and had a running time of 3.5 hours.

We decided to recreate the whole report framework from scratch, reducing the running time to a more manageable 40 minutes.

The result? It solved the issue in far less time and at far less cost than a simple ‘patch-up’ would have done.