Maintaining accurate and up-to-date documentation of your TM1 model can be time consuming and complex. Despite being an important task, it often gets overlooked… which means problems down the line when staff leave, models evolve or problems occur.

QUBEdocs makes TM1 and Planning Analytics documentation easy.QUBEdocs dashboard and visualisationFrom problem solving to complying with corporate governance to knowledge sharing and understanding the current state of a model, documentation is vital.

QUBEdocs has been closely integrated with TM1 and Planning Analytics to automate documentation of even the most complex models. This means that you can create accurate documentation at the press of a button – delivering visibility over all dependencies to fully understand how your models are constructed. Plus, when you make changes, QUBEdocs will automatically update the documentation to provide an up-to-the-minute picture of the resultant model.

  • Save time and free-up development
  • Reduce the pain of managing documentation and models?
  • Get more understanding and insight from your TM1 models
  • Create centralised, interactive and up-to-date information to develop, administer and monitor your models

See how QUBEdocs is used to quickly find, fix and document a broken analytic report: 

While TM1 and Planning Analytics makes planning, budgeting and forecasting simple for users, the models that facilitate this simplicity can often be complex. QUBEdocs helps you visualise all the solutions in your environment to untangle complex relationships, allowing you to control and drill through to models, applications, and objects seemlessly.

As-built in documentation – Modelling is difficult. Getting it right takes time. That’s your job. QUBEdocs make sure your hard work is documented, automatically. Every version. Every environment.

Compare – Compare anything. QUBEdocs allows you to compare any model to another, enabling you to know what, when and where a change occurred

Full-text search queries – What do you need to find a needle in a haystack? A simple description of your needle, how it is different from the hay and a full-text index in QUBEdocs.

Report – Whether you’re looking for cube memory, user rights or process runs – QUBEdocs keeps track of all the stats that are important to you.

In-content answers – Great answers should tell you more than just what to do. Every answer in QUBEdocs is surrounded by context, so you can understand before you act.

Plan – Migrating to production is easy. Knowing what to migrate is hard. QUBEdocs deployment planning ensures you choose the right version every time.

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