Exciting news – we’re now an official SAS Partner

We like to ensure we have the very best tools to accompany our innovative thinking. And that’s why our new partnership with SAS is something to get excited about…

The new relationship, which sees Barrachd become an official SAS Partner, will augment our current analytics offering, enhancing our service, and opening our skills and expertise to a broader range of customers.

This partnership with SAS will allow us to deliver and implement a new range of solutions that help even more businesses solve their most critical business challenges. In particular, the growing interest in predictive analytics to look beyond “what is happening” and “why it’s happening”, to answer question like “what will happen?”

Increasingly, power users who don’t work in the field of statistics or advanced analytics want to use predictive analytics themselves. These users needs technology that’s easy to use, that provides sophisticated analytics and is easy to deploy. With user-friendly, menu-driven and drag and drop analytics, this is an area in which SAS is extremely well positioned in the market, providing ‘approachable analytics’.

In SAS Visual Statistics, users gain a highly intuitive, web-based environment for data exploration and predictive analytics, where large sets of diverse data can be easily analysed to see the impact of changing properties and parameters.

If you have questions about SAS or any of Barrachd’s services, please do contact us directly – our team will be happy to help.

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