How can I control my costs? How can I get more from my stock? What products will my customers be demanding next? How can I better manage my ingredients and commodities?

Most of the time, the answer’s already there. It’s just hidden in the data.

The food and drink industry generates huge amounts of data; much of this data is complex and isolated in silos. This means it’s under-exploited and hard for business-users to access. Barrachd’s Food and Drinks Analytics Platform creates a single source of truth that puts the data at the finger tips of those who need it, when they need it.

Barrachd works with some of the country’s leading food and drinks businesses to predict customer demand, drive huge efficiencies and ensure they have all the answers they need to make sure no opportunity is missed.

The Food and Drink Analytics Platform takes a modular approach to individual business areas whist also providing an overarching view of the entire business to:

  • Identify revenue opportunities between products, customers and distribution channels
  • Focus on raw material and production costs to maximise margin per SKU
  • Cross group, product and supplier analysis to support better procurement
  • Bring insight into HR & Payroll for staff optimisation, talent and retention analytics
  • Manufacturing QC with advanced analytics of machine/environment sensors
  • Analysis of the complete supply chain for optimum stock planning and cost control.

We work in partnership with global whisky distillers, dairy producers, fresh fruit firms, soft drinks giants, leading seafood suppliers and biscuit bakers, helping them predict customer demand, drive huge efficiencies and ensure they have all the answers they need.

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Richard Abraham

Richard works closely with some of the country's leading food and drinks firms to develop and implement data and analytics solutions, allowing them to make better decisions and deliver powerful insights.

Call Richard on 07495 896528

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