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Barrachd’s Higher Education Planning solutions work across the academic enterprise to provide information that’s easily accessible, accurate and up-to-date, allowing Universities to make informed decisions based on their actual performance. Universities can no longer rely on paper-based processes or isolated data in disparate systems – only a complete view of information on students, lecturers, curricula, operations and finance provides the intelligence needed to make effective decisions.

With Barrachd’s enterprise-wide University planning solutions, Higher Education institutions can access current data to assess performance, build flexible plans and models to meet their needs and ultimately progress from “what is” to evaluate the “what if”, critical to forecasting future performance.

Higher education planning solutions including student number planning and higher education CPM software.

We already work with many of the UK’s top Universities, creating cutting-edge planning and visualisation tools. These tools help universities better understand their data, drive efficiencies and accurately plan ahead.

Key Higher Education Planning modules include:

  • Student Number Planning
  • Student Attrition and Attainment
  • Workforce Planning
  • University Staff Workload Planning
  • Estate and Facilities Management
  • Financial Planning

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Build the right data foundations for greater insights

Could you simplify, standardise and make the movement of data across the university more efficient?

By bringing together information from across a multitude of operational systems and datamarts, as well as data from external or unstructured sources, our University planning solutions can help you transform your university’s information management.

In today’s complex and challenging environment, transforming your data isn’t only vital to unlocking a competitive advantage, it’s the key to successful strategy, planning and operations.

Find out more about our transformational data warehousing, BI and data visualisation solutions for universities.


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David works closely with a number of the UK’s leading universities, helping them create strategic planning solutions tailored specifically to their individual requirements.

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Are universities making the best use of the resources that they have? Data analytics leader Barrachd worked with the University of Glasgow to come up with a data-driven solution for the university’s workload modelling, allowing it to accurately automate this complex and important task.

Like many universities, Glasgow had been trying to pull it insight from many disparate sources of data. Using multiple spread sheets and gathering numbers together from lots of different sources, meant time-consuming and often inaccurate results.

The modelling solution Barrachd worked with the University of Glasgow to create, allows the university to answer the ‘what if’ questions – this enables it to look at the balance that staff have between the teaching, research and administrative work they have to do. After all, workload modelling is about people’s working lives, so good decision making needs to be available.

Find out how the University of Glasgow is now using data to underpin its strategic objectives, improving student experience, supporting its staff and developing research.

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University of Liverpool

Find out how University of Liverpool worked with Barrachd to harness the power of data analytics to help predict the future quickly and accurately.

For any university, it’s vital to understand how many students it’s going to recruit in any given year. They need to know how much resource is needed to teach these students, how much space is needed to host them in lecture theatres and how to manage their timetables.

Most universities are reliant on an Excel model which can become too big, unwieldy and single person reliant – and that means it can take weeks for someone to get an answer to what should be a relatively simple question. Using Cognos TM1 Barrachd helped University of Liverpool plan and forecast multiple scenarios, allowing staff to concentrate on strategy rather than worrying about single numbers.

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Who we currently work with

  • Northumbria University
  • University of Birmingham
  • University of Sheffield
  • University of Glasgow
  • University of Liverpool
  • Edinburgh Napier University