Today’s hotel landscape is characterised by growing commoditisation, intense competition and major economic shifts. So how can a hotelier maintain a competitive edge?

We think hotels possess a sustainable advantage that is often underused and under-appreciated.

Data is your secret weapon

Guests come to you through a variety of paths, and for a multitudeĀ of different reasons. Using the data crumbs they drop along the way can provide insight into improving their experience, driving their loyalty, and boosting your revenue.

Unfortunately, data points can be quite fragmented and even territorial, with records pertaining to a single guest showing up in reservation, complaints, surveys, loyalty and other systems.

In order to truly understand guests at a personal level, dots must be connected.

Call-centres must interface with online review sites, customer loyalty programs must link with booking histories. On-property preferences, need to be combined with social media chatter.

Luckily, it’s all in a days work for us.

At Barrachd, we can help you stitch together fragments of data across the entire guest journey. We’ll help you to analyse and leverage it, in order to gain a competitive edge and increase your visibility in a crowded market.

Richard Abraham

Richard heads up our Hospitality practice. He advises hoteliers on how analytics can transform their guest experience.

Call Richard on 07495 896528

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The American hotel chain Denihan used IBM Big Data Analytics software to maximize profit and revenue across their 3,450 rooms by combining their own data with data from review sites, blogs and social networking sites.

With properties including the iconic Affinia Manhattan, Denihan places a great emphasis on personal customisation across its brands.

Through IBM's analytics technology, Denihan can now sift through massive amounts of information, from customer feedback to room price, length of stay and more, to understand why customers choose their hotels and why they choose to return.

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